Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12,2011

As I was wrote in one of the post that was put up last night, i somehow managed to delete my posts from November last year till now. I stayed up till 5:30 AM researching how to get them all back. I somehow managed to get most of them back, i am now at 89 post when prior i was at 108. I have been kicking myself all day (and night) for managing to skrew up my blog, however in this wonderful world of technology we live in there is always a trace of what we put up in the internet so i was able to recover most.

Well my birthday was on sunday, I am now 26 although inside really i feel much older then that. I spend the day at home with family, i couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift then the one i got from jonathan though. As we women all know most if not all men lack that gene of being thoughtful in gifts they get, jonathan is a very amazing man don't get me wrong, but like most men i can hint at things i want & in the end he will end up getting me flowers & a card. Most women love flowers, will add this to my list of weird traits i have, i do not like receiving flowers. Really it's because although they are such a beautiful gift really your giving someone a task, they must water them, then see them die, and i don't know i just really don't like getting flowers. So moving on My birthday gift from jonathan, he woke me up singing happy birthday, holding natty with this balloon

and gave me this card

along with this turtle, according to him it reminded him of me because of the sad eyes, hehe i thought it was adorable

It was the best birthday i have had in a LONG time. The card was perfect lol, he loves me more then beer =P . My guess is he remembered my blog post from last year Click here to read that post because it's exactly how i wanted to spend my last birthday. So if your reading this babe, i must say you got extra cookie points for sure, you & natty made my birthday!

Now to a very special message i received from my joshy on my birthday. Me and jonathan were watching the season finale of true blood, well one of the characters significant others passed away and his spirit came back to visit him (yes they're both men) to tell him not to mourn him, he was in a better place, to not feel bad & the was in a truly better place, well as the scene passed jonathan says,

"wouldn't it be great if that really happens, the spirit would be able to come back and tell us they're OK, if joshy was able to come to me and tell me, don't worry dad i'm OK"

that was the end of the sentence when our monitor went off because natty let out a little cry, we have a angel care video monitor so were able to see through the monitor if she is waking up, we thought she was waking up, but nope she let out one single cry right at that exact moment jonathan finished his sentence and we didn't hear another peep from her all night. Me and jonathan looked at each other like "seriously did that just happen" I don't know about you but seriously that was my little guy sending us a message through his sister telling us what we already know in our hearts, he's okay. He's with us always not physically but his spirit is ALWAYS around. That was the perfect way to end my birthday and so with that i must say 25 treated me well 26 whatja got ?

And here is the photo bomb i promised (even though that post is gone i think) for those of you that read that post here are the pictures.

With her great grandma (jonathan's dad's mom) visiting from Nicaragua

Having some bananas she's so funny eating she will eat a spoon then suck her thumb, then fuss for some more then repeat, oh natty your such a character.

and of course i just realized the pictures are not being lined up with the appropriate caption *sigh* i give up!!

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