New Camera


we bought a new camera. we tried to invest in a good one, as far as our budget could afford, and i must say, im really happy with it! Takes really good pictures, and so i have become obsessed with taking pictures of natty.

1. because she is growing up so fast. She's going to be five months on the 18th =O (can you believe it)

2. My dad used to take tons of pictures of us & i am so happy he did i love that i can look back at all my childhood memories.

3. Because in case anything were to happen to her, i have alot of pictures left, like with josh. MORBID i know!

I hate #3. Yet these are the type of thoughts that run through my head & i hate it. i hate that thought would even cross my head but i think being a angel mom those thoughts are constantly in your head. You know bad things happen & you know they happen for no reason at all. I think because of this and the amount of stress i went through with being pregnant with natty, natty & of course joshy will be our only kids. Yes nothing is written in stone, and we have plenty of time to decide but for now were good. I really dislike that i will never be a naive pregnant women. I will always have a constant worry about the million and one things that could go wrong in a pregnancy. Most women have no idea, but i do & that sucks! =/

well moving on, i cant believe we will soon be reaching mid august. Before we know it october will be here and joshy will be turning two. My sister and I were talking about jonathan's cousin baby and she asked how old he was, i told her two & she was like really? two already? wasn't he born around the same time as joshy, i was like yes, joshy will be two in Oct. Her reply, wow, two, time flies. Yes, yes it does. Two years and i can still recall his birth like it was yesterday. sigh. Oh i will be asking for you few readers for your help in celebrating joshy's second birthday. This will be a special birthday as we will be celebrating with natty and i really plan on celebrating his birth this year rather then mourn it.

Well in natty news, she has now become to love to play in her jumperoo. Just today as a matter of fact she learned how to press the buttons and play the music. She loves it, which also leads me to the next new natty thing. Her new obsession, playing and grabbing my medela bottle caps, they entertain for a long time, she loves grabbing them and playing with them, and trying to bite them. Who knew simple bottle caps could give a kid endless hours of fun. We should all learn a lesson from the natty book, enjoy the little things and life and explore =)