Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet My Preemie Family

Meet my preemie family. These are the babies to the mom's i have become friends with over the past two years. I "met" them after i found out that joshy was severe IUGR, i went online and googled IUGR, alot of stuff came up, but one of them was a link to and a group called "preemie parenting". This was a perfect group because i knew joshy was going to be born early and wanted to start learning as much information as i could, so i started reading up and created an account and started asking for support and advice, these women welcomed me with open arms, and during the next months leading up to joshy's arrival offered advice and support. Then when joshy arrived and during the time he spend in the NICU they prayed and let me vent. The rejoiced when i would let them know joshy was doing good, and prayed during the days he was doing bad. When he received his wings they all came together and donated money to help out with his funeral, along with the money they also send me three gifts, my keepsake box which inside hold all the cards and other precious things of joshy which i keep right next to my nightstand

the second was my preemie purple heart,

and the third was my whopping willow tree.

i have only had the pleasure of meeting one of my preemie moms, cristina, the mom of the two most cutest little girls i have ever seen. She was there for joshy's service i will never forget the love i felt from her that day, i had no idea what she looked like or who she was when she came up to me when i was sitting in the chapel. She walked over and said yesenia hi im cristina, i looked at her and said hello, she said im one of the preemie moms from babycenter, i stood up and hugged her and started crying. I had never met her yet cried in her shoulder hugging her like i had known her forever.I dont think she'll ever know what it meant to me to have her there. I kept on posting even after joshy passed even though i no longer had joshy to post about i talked to them about my grief and they supported me. Then when me and jonathan found out we had been blessed with natty besides our parents and our siblings, they were t first ones i told and they celebrated with me. They are the most amazing set of women i have ever "met". We all are a real close knit of a group, now we all keep in contact through our secret club on facebook lol, we all go there and vent and celebrate when one of the kids hits a milestone, or does something, or anything we want to talk about. Although seeing some of joshy's cousins pictures is hard for me because i know he should be in some pictures at family gatherings and to be honest i feel jealous and it's like i feel a pain in my chest and feel like crying, when i see pictures of my preemie mom's i feel happy. Such a weird thing, you would think i would think why their preemie why not mine ?! but i don't and i don't understand why. well Here they are my preemie family. Might i add aren't they all adorable !

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