If your wondering, hmm the blog looks nice but what the heck is going on ?

this is what happened. I accidentally deleted all the post had to do some very major investigation and reading on how to get my post back, it is now 5:16AM and i have been up all night going at this to make sure all my post are back. Im tired but it was really important to me to have all my post. This is my online diary and one day natty will read this......well i'll update tomorrow, im sorry for all the confusion but hey! HOW DO YOU LIKE MY NEW LOOK ?? we now have tabs up there so she can go to different pages , learn about joshua, natalia, see videos of them, and new stuff that will be coming up. WHAT DO YOU THINK ? im excited. well i'm going to try to get some sleep. again sorry for the confusion but all the post are back just not in the quite correct order.....