Who was Joshua

Joshua Alexander

Joshua Alexander, or Joshy as his friends and family call him was born on Oct 7,2009 he was born a preemie at 29 weeks weighed 1 pound 8 oz perfect in every way. Joshy proved strength and will to come into this world at the start of his 18 weeks of his mommy being pregnant when he was diagnosed with having severe IUGR, wasn't getting enough food, oxygen , and very low amnio fluid, the Dr's didn't think he would survive to be born, he proved all the Dr's wrong and came into this world on Oct 7. He continued to amaze Dr's and nurses although small he was doing extremely well in the NICU, the Dr's suspected he might have glaucoma with further testing this was proved to be untrue. At one month of age he was doing so well they were talking about letting him come home before his due date in Dec. a couple of weeks later he became extremely sick overnight and had to be transported to childrens hospital in oakland, After a night of antiobiotics and different medicine he was slipping away and the dr's decided to do an exploratory surgery, it was found out he had developed NEC and a gangrine appendix, he received a iliostomy and survived NEC only a percentage of babies survive, but joshy once again proved how strong he was and pulled through. The next couple of month's were a roller coaster, due to bieng so premature and small, his lungs had not fully developed and was put on and off of bieng on a vent to breath for him, through these month he won over all the dr's and nurses and became really spoiled in the NICU, everytime the Dr's thought joshy would not pull through he would prove them wrong. there came a point where the Dr's believed he had cystic fibrosis and once again proved the Dr's wrong. He had his re-connection surgery and although he spend a month or so sick, battled with pneumonia, a lot of infections, he fought his way and fully recovered! There was plans being made to finally let him come home, then very suddenly overnight became sick. The Dr's could not figure out what was going on and very suddenly his kidneys failed and one by one his organs started failing, mom, dad, and family were told death was immanent. Joshy spend the last two days of life surrounded by family and on April 22 2010 received his angel wings. Joshua alexander touched many lives, inspired many people all over the world and continues to be an inspiration to his family,friends and all that read his life story, although he only spend six short months in this earth he full filled his life mission and proved it could only be done his way. He was a miracle right from the start and now is angel looking over us.

Have some time ? view his six months of life through this video montage

joshua's journey from yesenia castillo on Vimeo.