Sunday, May 30, 2010

preemie purple heart.....

for those of you who dont know why im so happy about my preemie purple heart and what my heart means here it's my badge of honer !

When a child is born prematurely it can be hard to live the joy of having a baby or to have hope. Suddenly and unexpectedly one of life´s greatest moments is replaced by anxiety, grief and solitude. While all of our stories are unique and our outcomes vary, our struggles and search for comfort are all the same. Preemie Hearts was founded with the intention of filling that void which many of us feel during and after our preemie experiences.

The  folder The Preemie Purple Heart is a symbol of unity, love, and understanding among families like ours. As it has for ten years now, the Heart keepsake provides a meaningful way to commemorate our personal experiences and express our gratitude, understanding, and compassion for others in these trying times.

In the future, we hope that methods and treatments are found that can save children and families from the preemie experience. Every heart sold contributes to research in order to find preventative measures. The Preemie Purple Heart cooperates with i.e. March Of Dimes and the Pregenia foundation.

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