we saw a penis

So today was the appt with Dr mckelvy for my weekly ultrasound and dopler, josh is doing fine.There has been no growth since last time but she's wasnt to worried because sine it's weekly ultrasounds they dont expect to see a any,and i cant be to let down because last time he did make it to 1lb5oz so we'll check back next week and see how he is. Good news is he's been moving alot in there which lets me know he's doing good i put music for him everynight around 8 or 9 and i think he has a patern now cause he starts moving around that time kind of like to remind me "hey where's my music" Other then that today was a good day just lounging around and drinking tons of water and watching t.v oh yeah i forgot we got some new ultrasound pictures, you would think i would have a whole bunch by now since i go weekly BUT trust me when your there the last thing you think about is getting pictures, anywho jonathan looked like a proud dad when the dr told us look there is his penis and his testicles,i havent seen a smile on him that big at one of the ultrasounds since the first time he heard his heartbeat