Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Josh is famous

So today we had two appoinments, first with dr.blair (my stoner dr) he let me know some good news, that in a week we will be able to transfer to Alta Bates Hospital in berkley, turns out they are the only other hospital in the area that has a level 3 NICU which is what josh will need, and as long as he will be getting the same great care, and closer to all his family we are very very happy. Well then we were off to sacramento for our second appt a "anenatal test" which will be having twice a week, basicly they strap you up and monitor the baby's heartbeat and how many times he kicks and then finish it up with a ultra sound to measure the amnio fluid (baby pee). So turns out Josh is famous , alot of the people that work in the hospital have heard of the situation thats going on with him and how nice me and jonathan are so they were looking foward to meeting us because of our "special case", im telling you this kid's going to be a star or discover something of course every mom hopes that about their little nugget but this kid loves attention, and he insist of having the best care of everything because it turns out that alta bates hospital NICU is super new and has alot of the best Dr's. Well the test went well, josh was active and had a good heart beat, our next appt is on thurs, we have two that day one for the antenatal testing and the other one with our neonatologist (dr.Mckelvy). Well the days are passing fast which is great because i know every single day this nugget stays in his oven is great !! Oh and today we reached our 27week ! very big news because they thought he wasnt going to make it this far, he proven all of them wrong! He's stubborn just like his mom!

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