Monday, September 21, 2009

Day three of strict bed rest

Sooo.... It's 11:13 and today is my first entry to this blog, Woke Up today around 10:00 took my vitamins and drank my choco milk, did the fetal movement journal, (took josh about 15 minutes for 10 movements) which to me is very good. Then Called all the doctors to set up the appt for this week, and whoa we have a busy week coming up, so far we have 2 appts for tomorrow one starting at 8:40 with Dr.blair in fairfield (who i like to call my stoner Dr, i think he might of smoked a little to much ganja because he is a very good dr but a little too CHILL and HAPPY going) Then at 11:30 i have my Fetal non stress test in sacramento, and that is my tuesday. Then on thursday i have my weekly ultra sound with Dr McKelvy.....i know it's going to be alot of traveling and alot of appt but nothing beats being home then bieng at the hospital, now im not crazy and realize i will eventually have to be admitted to the hospital to deliever, BUT lets try to keep little J in the oven as long as possible and from it feels like he's in no hurry to get out yet (lets hope) . Well i will Update the rest of the journal entries going backward from finding out i was pregnant to all the other stuff.

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