Blog award

So a while ago my friend Ashley awarded me with a with a "your blog is great award" I hadn't had a chance to one say thank you! And two to respond. If you want to check out her blog click right below. She is fellow preemie mom to an awesome little girl and is currently going through infertility.

Ashley's blog

Now, the rules of the award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award!

2. List 7 things people may not know about you.

3. Pass the award to 15 other bloggers and notify them as well.

List seven things people may not know

I have had a blanket that I sleep with every night and take everywhere with me if I know I'm spending the night. I have had t since I was born but lost it at the hospital when I had natty :( josh used it for a while as well

I hate chocolate ! The taste and smell is disgusting . The only time I was able to eat it was while I was pregnant with josh. I ate a chocolate cupcake that tasted delicious . Tried eating it after that but nope made me sick

I have a couple of black birthmarks on my tongue. Everyone gets freaked out and my mom thought something was wrong with me when she noticed them when I was little but my dr said they're just birth marks.

I love Mongolian beef. I could seriously it that for dinner every night if I could . It's delicious . My mom has a candle/religious shop in San Francisco and two stores down is my favorite chinese restaurant that I've been going to since I was 10 the owner and servers already know my order. Mongolian beef over white rice and a 7up

I am the youngest daughter to both my mom & dad and have one full sister with both. I have a older sister from my mom who I am not close to at all and most of the time when people ask me how many sisters I have I say one. I also have a older brother from my mom who passed away at the age of 24 from drinking to much. My dad has five other daughters and one son from a previous marriage, I have only ever met one of them. I have a younger brother who I grew up with who is really not my brother but my nephew. My sister who was a drug addict gave him up for adoption to my mom when he was a couple months old and we grew up like brother and sister. He is only a year younger then me.

I am very much a tomboy. I prefer being in sweatpants a t shirt and a sweater. I do like dressing up and being girly sometimes but very rarely will you see my nails done as a matter of a fact whenever I'm stressed or nervous I bite my nails. Horrible habit I know! I've been actually trying to slowly re vamp my closet because I'm tired of everyone thinking I'm 16 or 18 years old. When they see me with natty people see me with natty they give me this "aww poor teen mom look" then they find out I'm 26 and I actually have two kids are like "wow I thought you were 17 you look so young!" gets pretty annoying but I guess I should savor my good genes ! :)

I refuse to go to the circus or to take natty to the circus when she's older. Mainly wringly brothers circus. Jonathan can take her but I refuse to go. I saw a 20/20 article on t.v when I was 15 about how they treat their elephants and it seriously traumatized me and I refuse to pay money for them to continue treating thee animals that way. That and I am terrified of clowns!!!

Well I update this when I get to my laptop later and add the 15 blogs I choose to pass this award too. I can't do it now because I'm on my iPad and I'm being lazy :P