Thursday, April 1, 2010

Update on watch.

here's the latest . we had a conference today with the doctor, basicly THEE conference asking us if we would like to continue fighting what our thoughts were, i truly believe in my heart that joshua has not giving up and neither have we, yes he is very very sick, and we understand that it can go either way in the next couple of days, the dr informed us the outcome of most babies with his condition is not good but i told her joshua has proven alot of dr's wrong before and i believe he will do it once more, currently he is stable on high vent settings,on NO oh yes i forgot to mention what is making his condition so seriouse is, he has three bugs going on, pnemonia,sudamones, and he has pulmonary hypertension, they have changed his antibiotics a couple of times and have been checking his gases which vary, they can be good or be bad so he's unstable with that. we have all the nurses rooting for him and i am very thankful for all your prayers,i will try to keep updating as often as possible. the last 24 hours have been a emotional roller coaster, i thank all of you for your post it allowed me to stay firm and strong with the dr and let them know, that joshua is a fighter and he WILL pull through. i just hope it's soon we have another conference in two days, they will do a echogram tomorrow morning to see if the NO helped with the pulmonery hypertension if not they said theres nothing else they can do. everyone keep your fingers crossed. thanks in behalf of me my husband, and my little superman joshua.

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