my angels service

here are the details for joshua's service. there will be an open cascet viewing from 7-9 on tuesday, wednesday will be from 7-9 as well wether it will be open cascet or not we have not decided considering he had liver and kidney failure his body has begun not looking in the best shape very fast. the funeral procession will be be on thursday we will be meeting at 11 then proceeding to cypress lawn in south san francisco/colma. the viewing is at garden chapel in south san francisco at all those who live nearby are welcome to come and i would appreciate it. once again THANK YOU i i love all you. any question please feel free to ask.

one more thing i would appreciate it if everyone wore white, khaki, or light colors joshua was a happy soul and i dont feel black would be appropriate for him. feel free to write your input.

joshua alexander castillo escobar oct 7 2009- april 22 2010