Latest update

Joshua will be having his echo ultrasound today to see if the NO is working, which is what would help for his pulmonary hypertension. The dr has said that if its not working then there is only one other thing that can help which would be a form of viagra yes viagra, joshua has been stable through the night, and i am happy to report that although he is not sky rocketing towards the direction we would like he is making little baby steps towards better, we will take that over worse any day. his blood gases seem to be improving by tiny bits but this is good. his lungs although still needing alot of support from the vent are becoming less cloudy, and it seems the antibiotics seem to be helping because the bugs he has are some very mean ones that are smart and know how to fight antibiotics fortunatly he is on the stronges meds and they seem to be doing its work, we are still on watch because things could go either way in the next couple of days. on behalf of my little superman jonathan and i, i would like to thank EVERYONE family,friends, friends over at my blog at babycenter, the staff at childrens hospital, the dr's, THE NURSES, all of you have givin us strength to remain postive even though the odds are against us. joshua has proven the dr's wrong many times and we just pray hope and KNOW this will be another ball he slams into homerun. please remain praying theyre helping and joshua feels the love, i know this, i feel it.