Saturday, December 26, 2009

So today started off rocky, i held him and he started getting cranky, so i checked his diaper and sure enough it was wet, changed him he fell asleep for a while then woke up and got really upset couldnt figure out what was wrong but finally i sat him up and started patting his back, poor little man had gas, after that he was fine. He was awake for about an hour, and that's when daddy took this video hope you guys enjoy. the latest for today is he's up to 8ml an hour on his feeds and went down a cm on his CPAP yay plus they brought his IV down to 5, everything is going good just wish his lungs would get better so we can get him on his canula and get that mask off but i know he needs it so .....other then that he had a really good day today, we put on one of his outfits his primary nurse trish got him, he looked so cute. he's started to make more noises now and stare at you when you talk to him.His hair is starting to grow back of where they shaved it on the sides,he has a little mohawk going on. we talked to the dr,and he says the surgery wont happen untill mid january they want him to be a little bigger so he can recover sooner, which is good i guess. I was thinking to myself today, how normal it is for me and jonathan to be around all these machines and see sick babies, its sad but its become our "normal". changing joshy's diaper with all his IV's and lines is normal to us...hmmm i wonder what joshy will think when he gets older and see how small he was, he's my miracle boy. Dec 26 - 5 pounds .4oz

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