Oct 7 2009 Happy Birthday

So for those of you who don't know what has been going on i will give you a an update starting from the beggining, we went to our dr's appt in alta bates, it was at 10:30am first i had my ant stress test which means the tie this thing around your belly to see how many times the baby moves and if his heart beat is okay, well everything went perfect joshy was moving around and his heartbeat was right on next was the ultrasound and doppler,so we went downstairs for the ultrasound, everything was going good or so it seems but i felt like something was up, the guy asked me how much josh was measuring last time i went and how much was he weighting i let him know and he took a couple of more minutes and let us know he was done just needed to run some stuff by the dr and to go upstairs for next weeks appt,so off we go and when we get upstairs there is the nurse looking at us saying "guess where were going ?" im like "i dont know where" she said "to labor and delievery" my face had no reaction and i looked at jonathan with both of kind of lost so we start followiing her and my mind is blank at this point, then i finally get it all together and ask her what is going on she responds im not quite sure but the asked me to bring you here the dr will come in a few minutes, the other nurses come in and bring me a gown and tell me to put my clothes in a bag,im like whoa whoa wait what do i have to take my clothes of for she says well i think your going to be admitted im like why? she said im not quite sure but the dr will be in in a few, so i proceed to put the gown on and jonathan and i are both pale and thinking something is very wrong. So they start asking me when was the last time i ate, and all these other questions, so in my head even though jonathan is still lost i have an idea what was going on joshua was coming out soon, so the dr comes in and looks me in the eyes and says so your starting to have reverse blood flow again and we have to get the baby out to give him a chance to survive we cant take any more chances.In that moment i was like okay yesenia get it together and conentrate that everything is going to be okay,so i tell the dr allright anything to get my baby out safe, the next hour is a blue everything seemed to move quickly it took them four try's to get my IV line in because my blood pressure was high because of stress so the line wasnt able to go through they kept telling me just breath and calm down, so before i knew it there i was walking to the operation room, i have never been in a hospital in my life but there i was getting the whole entire hospital treatment all in one day so the next half hour went by fast they gave me a epideral which was the wierdest thing not to be able to feel your legs, jonathan came in shortly after and i was the one going through surgery but there i was comforting him, hehe women are much more stronger then men, so in my head there i am praying and just re assuring myself josh is going to be okay he's going to be okay, so finally josh comes out and i hear nothing so im asking jonathan is he okay what are they doing can you see him, the dr's finally call jonathan over to see him, i hear everyone saying congratulations and jonathan runs over to me crying and says the words i will never forget "he's okay babe he's okay all fingers and toes, he's just small but he's okay" he kisses my forehead and says im going to go see him again, so they bring joshy to me very fast he was in a little tiny plastic bag with his face uncovered of course he was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, love at first sight! So i wasnt able to see joshy till the next day, i really wanted to but the nurses told me to get rest, but when i walked over to the next day to the NICU and saw my little man for the first time, i was in amazement, here was this little person who i had done everything for to give a chance he was very small but okay, a human bieng that was half of me,i created him he was inside of me for 6 months moving around kicking,and now here he was, the most important person in my life.Joshua Alexander Escobar Castillo 1 pound8oz