Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rain on my parade

So the forecast calls for rain on Sunday. Natty's first birthday.

blah ! 

This takes the term "rain on my parade" to another level.  Not only will it be raining but natty seemed to be developing a little cough today and i had to go to the Dr today because i've had a red eye for the past three days and it wasn't getting better. Diagnosis- the starting of a small infection. *sigh*

however after much moping around the past two days about the storm on Sunday i am going with the flow and saying bring it. So it will rain, so we probably won't have the jumper and slide and everyone will have to be inside, and some people probably won't show up because of the rain, i will celebrate her birthday and celebrate her. No rain will ruin the celebration that day.

Maybe it will even be symbolic. After the rain comes a rainbow. How cool would it be for a actual rainbow to pop up on my rainbow's birthday. pretty awesome. Yup i'll be a optimist as usual and look at it that way. =)

But it would be equally awesome for no rain too! Me and Jonathan even send a special request to our special little angel to talk to God and ask him to move the storm a little faster. Like i said though whatever the weather the day will be celebrated and awesome.

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