Uphill from here ? I think so

So as most of you have read and hear, joshua got really sick again, he ended up having to be intabated for almost 2 weeks. He kept having these episodes where he couldnt breath and turning blue, i was there for one of them and i seriously thought he was about to die in front of me, i NEVER want to experiance that again! well it's been two weeks since then and joshy has made a complete 360! he got extabated on sunday, was on CPAP for only one day and is now on canula! theyre weening him of the N O for his pulmonary hypertension and they will start weening him off morphine as well. WOW i cant believe just a week ago my little man was so sick but everyones prayers helped and him bieng a little brat didnt hurt either. He's such an amazing baby i know everyone says that about theyre baby but seriously he is! on another note jonathan had to be taken to the emergency room on saturday because the poor guy had severe stomach pain they did a ct scan and was on morphine for most of the morning sat they though it was his appendix but turned out to be an infection in his intestine, can you say like father like son! Im so happy it was all taking care of by antiobiotics i have no idea what i would have done if he had to be admitted to the hospital worse if he would of got surgery. but everything is okay now. I truly believe everything is going to go uphill from here, god tested us and if i were to give ourselfes a grade i think we would get an a+. We still dont know when the surgery for him to get reconnected is we have a meeting with the drs next friday so maybe we'll get some answers. i think i have really learned to take it one day at a time though and accept that we cant predict what will happen BUT i do know that everything will turn out okay in the end. i will post some new pictures soon, oh and joshua is almost 8 pounds! can you believe it 8 pounds! i cant believe how big he is now, i remember holding him for the first time and him fitting in my hand and now when i hold him he hurts my arms from bieng so heavy lol wow i never thought the day would come when he would do that.