Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

So new years eve was spent half the day in the nicu and the other half with my family and jonathans. Update on Joshy, he is doing great we couldnt have started the new year better, he is on canula (yay)on room air (bigger yay) in his crib out of the isolate, and getting ready for his surgery at the end of this month =/ but i KNOW everything will come out good, he has one of the best surgeons doing his surgery,dr.betts (google him ) well what else can i say 2009 has been the craziest year, everything that could of happen did, and i can't believe i kept my sane through out the whole time (thank you zoloft j/k well kind of) i entering the 2010 with the greatest gift, and with a heart full of happines and cant wait for whats to come, for the sleeples nights to the poopy diapers to the smiles and the first time josh laughs, ahhh cant wait because during that moment i will know that everything i have gone through was worth it,and for that little guy i would go through it all again and again if i had to because he's my everything! Mommy's perfect little guy. I know all parents look foward to all the new things that are to come with there new bundle of joy but i will enjoy everything a tad bit more because im a proud preemie mom,a little miracle that dr's said wasnt going to be born and is know almost three months old and smart and perfect!
joshua alexander 1.1.2010 Five pounds 9oz

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