Houston, we have lift off !

I have a laptop again fellow bloggers!
Theres SO much to update on but I  just wanted to make a post THAT I HAVE A LAPTOP ! Even though blogging might be a bit hard to do consistently because I have such a tight schedule ( be ready for updates on the next post) I now have an outlet to express myself and oh is there so much to write about! I have a couple of free minutes to spare before I get ready for school. You read that correctly, I am on my second week of my first year of pre req to (crossing fingers, toes) eventually be able to get accepted into an RN program. Do you guys remember THIS post ? Well I am following through. This is it guys. This is where everything has lead me to. This first semester is just a small tiny step in the long journey I have ahead of me to be able to reach that dream but I have to start somewhere right ? I'll update with a longer post later this weekend. This is a promise. This blog has documented everything from the start of this journey and everything I have written has lead me HERE. I know it's going to be a long and hard road but Joshua's story continues :)