Poop & Pee

I would always read a whole bunch of stuff on how kids say the funniest things. I have learned that to be very true! It seems as natty's vocabulary expands the list of hilarious things she says increases as well. It also very interesting to see a three year old comprehend things and explain them in a "3 year old fashion" sometimes simple & to the point & other times very entertaining. I've actually learned quite a bit from everyday conversations with her. 

I have written before how I hate blogging from my iPad and I still don't have a laptop but I have decided in trying to document these natty-isms I will try to post more often even if it's just a post with the "natty quote of the day" 

So to start things off 

This morning as I'm changing her diaper ( yes, my 3 year old is still not potty trained. That is a whole other post) 

Natalia: mommy I went pee & poop. I went pee in the front of my diaper and poop in the back.
Me: thanks for letting me know baby, and did you know you go pee and poop from two different places ? 
Natalia: *with a very concerned face* WOW! I did not know that, I think that's great! That's why my diaper in the front has pee & the back has poop. 

Stay tuned for more interesting conversations with my 3 year old.

Unrelated to this post and because I haven't posted pictures of my little one in a while here are some pictures :) We bought some stencils,face paint & J was drew them on.