Natty is two

Late post.

Natty is TWO ! This birthday was extra special because it was spent with just us.
We celebrated her birthday on Sunday march 17th at the Monterrey bay aquarium. She loves fish and she absolutely loved the aquarium. It was us, both sets of grandparents and her god parents/uncle and aunt and her other aunt. After the aquarium we went to dinner at a beautiful restaurant with a amazing view of the ocean. The day couldn't of been more perfect. Her actual birthday on Monday was spent with just me and Jonathan. I actually had to work that day but since my work as at my moms shop we got to hang out just us three and bought her a little piece of cake to eat. The night before I decorated the outside of her room with streamers & balloons so she could enjoy those things in the morning.

Since she turned two I'm not sure what is happening but she seems to be growing up at super fast speed. Everyday she wakes up and she seems older and of course cuter :) her vocabulary is just growing crazily and it's amazing to be able to have little conversations with her. She is such a well behaved little girl. We has always been an amazing sleeper but the fact that we have just followed her cues as to her nighttime routine and she just goes to bed with out having to have night trained is amazing to us. She is the most sociable little girl I have ever seen. She is friendly and says Hi to everyone! She gets that from her dad and I couldn't be happier. I really don't want to brag but....I will! I think we have the easiest,most smartest,friendliest, most pretty little toddler . I've said this once and I will repeat AGAIN, joshy picked natty for us. He picked the most perfect daughter . 
This picture is from us dropping off some goodies do the nurses at Oakland childrens hospital I will write about that in another post 
With Vickie one ours and joshy's favorite nurse. She will always hold a special place in my heart.
Dropping off flowers of joshy 
Don't worry she was fine holding the snake and starting crying when it had to go 

Playing tea 

Natty just born................natty 1 yr old.................natty 2 years old