Sunday, November 6, 2011

Natalia's first halloween

Natty's first Halloween was perfect.

We took her around the block and to be honest i think me and jonathan were most excited to get candy since she had no idea what was going on.

Then we sat her on her ladybug/caterpillar rocker and she had a blast seeing all the kids come over to her and tell her how adorable she was lol
With Daddy
She was having so much fun that she wanted to try to eat a lollipop

Her first trick or treat

At this point she was a pro =)

The the day before we took her to jonathan's mom's house and she had a blast and of course natty had to have two costumes so here are the pictures from that weekend '

Natalia and her abuela lissete

look at her little wings and tail lol

Micah & Natty They're cousins who are only a week apart, they're going to be best friends i just know it, isnt he adorable

She saw micah having soom food and she wanted food too! This girls a monster when it comes to food she never gets full & she loves ALL types of food, no picky eater here!

my beautiful bumble bee! flying around

She was trying to get away and sting someone Buzz BuzzzZz

this is my FAVORITE ! it will go n a frame for sure

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