Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank You

So im going to post this tonight as i am already starting to get extremely emotional and can not see my self writing this on Friday. There are no words to express my gratitude to all my family & friends for helping me celebrate joshy's birthday. The amount of support & love we are feeling with all the blankets that have & are being sent in are indescribable. This year i decided i wanted to celebrate joshy's life rather than mourn it & my oh my are you all helping celebrate it. You may not realize it but the blanket you have donated is going to give hope & make the parents of a precious baby feel some sort of comfort in the very difficult time they are facing. THANK YOU for helping keep joshy's memory alive, THANK YOU for your love, THANK YOU in behalf of the parents in behalf of the baby that will be receiving your blanket. YOU have made a difference in someone's life & have helped us celebrate joshy's life. Although i may cry knowing that he is not here physically in the days to come i KNOW he is smiling his beautiful smile on all of us. I LOVE YOU ALL and i truly mean that.

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