Update. Ok, sort of

I know, I know I promised to make this huge big post but I have had no time. I remember saying "oh when I finally get a laptop I'll be able to start blogging again and start taking more pictures" the truth is school has taken over my life. Don't get me wrong. I am actually enjoying it this time around. Maybe because I KNOW what the purpose and long term goal of me going to school will be. The sole use of my laptop has been school. I have done zero picture editing and up till right now, zero blogging. Actually, scratch that. In my English class I had to create a blog and am actually loving that blogging is part of the weekly free write assignment . I'll post the link later here. For now I'll leave you with major stuff that has happened this month. I turned 30. Doesn't feel much different than 29. Am I supposed to feel wiser or something ? In other news, me and Jonathan celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We'e survived 10 years with out killing each other. Incredible. In all honestly, I actually think it is incredible we made it to this milestone. When I read back on the posts of where we were right after josh passing away i'm really amazed we made it through everything. We we were in completely different places and I'm amazed we found ourselves again. We are now a week and a half away from Joshua's birthday and for the first time I am not dreading it. Maybe it's because I'm actually keeping my promise to him and feel as though I'm finally following through on a promise I made not only to him but to myself. I'm keeping his memory alive and following this "calling" that came about through him and because of him. Thats my birthday gift to him. One that I'm actually proud of. Hopefully I find some time to write more on this next week for his birthday because I feel like I'm finally at a OK place with my journey so far.....
Here are some updated pictures us and of course of Natalia, Can you believe she's four!? I feel like it was just yesterday I was posting about being pregnant with our rainbow and now here she is growing like a weed. The kid has such a personality on her. She LOVES talking to people, strangers, friends it doesn't matter. She's confident, sassy and much to her daddy's liking loves superhero's. For halloween she has decided she will be Antman, but much to both of our liking she is a die hard San Francisco Giants fan. I'll add the youtube link of her reacting to them winning the world series last year. She was super excited to go to the parade.